6 Best Restaurants near Malibu Road

6 Best Restaurants near Malibu Road

  • Mark Gruskin
  • 10/31/23

The coastal charm of Malibu Road has always captivated hearts with its pristine beaches, luxurious homes, and breathtaking sunsets. However, recently, it's the culinary landscape that's making waves. Malibu's dining scene is undergoing a renaissance, with a slew of elegant restaurants opening their doors to those with a discerning palate. If you're planning a visit or just keen on discovering what's new in the dining scene, take a peek at this guide to the best Malibu Road restaurants.


Ollo is a culinary gem that perfectly encapsulates the spirit of farm-to-table dining against the backdrop of stunning coastal beauty. Nestled in the heart of Malibu, this restaurant is celebrated for its unwavering commitment to sustainability and the use of locally sourced, seasonal ingredients. The menu at Ollo features a delectable array of dishes, from fresh seafood and vibrant salads to mouthwatering meats, all prepared with an artisanal touch. The restaurant's inviting, rustic-chic atmosphere, with panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean, sets the stage for a dining experience that embraces the essence of California living. Ollo's dedication to eco-friendly practices and a reverence for the region's natural bounty make it a sought-after destination for those who wish to savor the best of Malibu's vibrant and sustainable culinary scene.

Bui Sushi

Bui Sushi is known for its exquisite Japanese cuisine and an ambiance that beautifully complements the natural beauty of the coastal surroundings. Situated just steps from the Pacific Ocean, Bui Sushi offers a dining experience that seamlessly combines traditional Japanese flavors with modern innovation. The menu boasts an impressive array of sushi and sashimi, with an emphasis on the freshest, high-quality seafood. The restaurant's elegant yet unpretentious setting, with panoramic views of the shoreline, sets the stage for an unforgettable dining experience. Whether you're a sushi aficionado or simply seeking to immerse yourself in the flavors of Japan against a breathtaking backdrop, Bui Sushi is the perfect destination.


Zinqué is a chic and cosmopolitan culinary oasis that captures the essence of European cafe culture while embracing the laid-back beauty of the California coast. Very close to the beach, this trendy restaurant and wine bar has quickly become a local favorite. Zinqué offers an alluring blend of Mediterranean and Californian flavors, with an impressive menu featuring gourmet sandwiches, salads, and delectable small plates. The restaurant's stylish interior, complete with open-air seating and beach views, creates a relaxed yet upscale atmosphere perfect for mingling with friends or savoring a leisurely meal. Zinqué's commitment to serving artisanal wines and a menu that caters to diverse tastes makes it a sought-after destination for those who wish to unwind, dine, and connect in the heart of Malibu.

Cafe Habana

Cafe Habana boasts a vibrant blend of Latin flavors and beachside charm. Nestled in the iconic Malibu Lumber Yard, this restaurant offers a unique fusion of Cuban and Mexican cuisine that captivates the taste buds of both locals and visitors. Cafe Habana's menu is a tantalizing journey through a diverse array of dishes, from savory Cuban sandwiches to authentic street-style tacos, all prepared with fresh, high-quality ingredients. The restaurant's inviting and laid-back atmosphere, featuring a sun-soaked patio, adds to the coastal vibe, making it a perfect spot for enjoying a leisurely meal or a quick bite. Cafe Habana's commitment to culinary excellence and its distinctive Latin flair make it a go-to destination for those seeking the intersection of Latin American culinary traditions and the laid-back ambiance of Malibu.

Lucky's Malibu

Lucky's Malibu is an iconic coastal steakhouse that has been a cherished institution in Malibu for generations. Perched just steps from the beautiful Pacific Ocean, this restaurant captures the essence of classic American dining with a touch of sophistication. The menu at Lucky's features an impressive selection of prime steaks, fresh seafood, and delectable sides, all expertly prepared to perfection. The restaurant's timeless yet comfortable ambiance, complete with vintage décor and ocean views, creates an inviting setting for a memorable dining experience. With its commitment to impeccable service and a culinary tradition that spans decades, Lucky's Malibu remains a timeless destination for those who appreciate the art of fine dining by the sea.

Broad Street Oyster Company

Broad Street Oyster Company is known for its dedication to serving the freshest, most exquisite seafood creations. The menu at Broad Street Oyster Company features a delectable array of dishes, from succulent oysters and mouthwatering lobster rolls to inventive seafood platters. The restaurant's charming, nautical-themed ambiance, complete with ocean breezes and outdoor seating, sets the stage for a dining experience that immerses guests in the flavors of the sea. With a focus on locally sourced and sustainably caught seafood, Broad Street Oyster Company is a destination for those who crave the freshest ocean-to-table dining.

The restaurant scene along Malibu Road is a delightful journey that beautifully mirrors the coastal charm and diverse flavors of this iconic California destination. From upscale steakhouse experiences with oceanfront views to hidden gems serving the freshest seafood and fusion eateries that meld Latin and Mediterranean influences, Malibu Road offers a culinary adventure for all palates. Whether you're seeking the classics or innovative twists on traditional cuisine, the restaurants along Malibu Road invite diners to savor the best of coastal living. With breathtaking views, laid-back beachside vibes, and a commitment to quality and sustainability, Malibu Road's dining establishments ensure every meal is a memorable experience that captures the essence of this captivating coastal community.

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