Malibu Beachfront Home Upgrades with the Largest ROI

Malibu Beachfront Home Upgrades with the Largest ROI

  • Mark Gruskin
  • 05/16/23

Renovations and upgrades are the best ways to breathe new life into an aging property. Many homeowners upgrade their homes to reinvigorate the space and add features that make the space more convenient for everyday use. After an upgrade, 69% of homeowners say they feel it will add more enjoyment to the experience of living in their home. 

However, with a long list of possible renovations that can be made to a home, especially a Malibu beachfront home, it can be challenging to choose which upgrades will reap the most value in the long run. Luxury Malibu Road real estate has always been a great investment that can bring a substantial return. And, if you want to upgrade, learn more about the projects with the most significant return on investment here. 

Kitchen upgrade

Even though it can be expensive, upgrading the kitchen can give you a sizable return. The first thing many buyers look for when vetting new properties is the functionality the home provides. A stunning, modern, and easy-to-use kitchen is at the top of the list. This is a space many buyers consider the “heart of the home.”  That is why updating your kitchen often brings a huge return when it comes time to sell.  

Even minor kitchen remodels can give a large return. When upgrading the kitchen, clean and revitalize the space at the forefront of your project. Adding new paint, refinishing cabinets, and upgrading the flooring are all small renovations that can transform your kitchen into a lavish, modern space. Upgrading to state of the art appliances and adding incredible light fixtures can ensure your kitchen will last for years and give you even more bang for your buck. As they say…”lighting is the part of the jewelry of the home.” 

Bathroom remodel

The bathroom is another area where homeowners can reap a large return on their investment. Along with the kitchen, the bathroom is also an integral room that can make or break your property in the eyes of potential buyers. No one wants to buy a home with an out-of-date, dirty, or dingy bathroom. In California, homeowners can potentially reap a 74% return on investment from a bathroom remodel. Considering it is a room you will use multiple times every day, making it inviting and easy to use will increase the livability and functionality of your home for years to come and allow you to find greater enjoyment in the home. 

Having a major renovation can reap the largest return on investment for out-of-date bathrooms. In a major remodel, everything from the flooring to the plumbing and lighting will be replaced, completely rejuvenating the space. However, if you want to avoid going all-in on your bathroom renovation, even minor upgrades can drastically improve the space. Updating the look of your bathroom by upgrading the showerhead, replacing the vanity, and adding new lighting to brighten the space can make a big difference in the room. 

Curb appeal and landscaping

Beachfront homes have the advantage of stunning ocean views, creating the possibility to transform your home into a lavish oceanfront retreat. Malibu’s rich natural ecosystem supports an incredible selection of flowers and vegetation to upgrade your yard. Renovating your landscaping and curb appeal could potentially give you a return on investment of 100%, making it an easy way to increase the appeal and value of your home. If you want to sell your home, the outdoor space around your property will create the buyer’s first impression of the house. 

Rejuvenating the landscaping to complement your Malibu beachfront home’s unique setting can help create an immersive coastal oasis, setting your home apart from others in the Malibu area. Refreshing the front of your house can elevate the curb appeal, making it stand out from the competition, attracting potential buyers, and driving your home’s value up. The best ways to improve curb appeal include repainting and changing the front door, garage door and hardware, cleaning up the exterior landscape, and replacing the mailbox and address numbering.  

Add a deck or patio

Malibu beachfront homes give residents unmatched access to the Pacific Ocean. Owning a beachfront property means enjoying the beauty and cool ocean air from your yard. Creating a lavish outdoor living space is the best way to increase your beachfront home’s value. Putting some time and money into creating an outdoor oasis to go with your coastal Malibu home can attract buyers and increase the value of your property. Adding or freshening up deck or patio space is a great way to merge indoor and outdoor spaces and provide yourself with a place to get outside and enjoy the cool ocean breeze. 

Both decks and patios offer a substantial return on investment, but you will want to weigh your options before deciding which one is right for your property. 

Small details with a big impact

You do not have to make major renovations to your beach house on Malibu Road to reap a large return on investment. Paying particular attention to small details can increase the value of the home, add a fresh look, and attract potential buyers. These small renovations often cost substantially less than a big repair or remodel, giving homeowners a better chance at reaping a valuable return on investment. 

New paint

Repainting a room can completely transform the space. If your home is dominated by darker colors or an old, lackluster paint job, it may be time to add a new coat.  A fresh coat of paint in a neutral color can brighten a room and make it look more spacious. In addition, lighter colors like white do the best at opening up a space. 

Add smart technology

Today homeowners have a number of smart technologies they can add to boost security, save energy, and make life easier. Everything from smart thermostats to security systems and kitchen appliances can be installed. If you want to add smart technology to your home, there are several benefits, including increasing the home's value. Just by adding a smart thermostat, homeowners can save about 12% on heating costs

If you would like to learn more about the best upgrades for your Malibu beachfront home, contact local realtor Mark Gruskin. Mark has been helping people buy and sell Malibu real estate for years. With ample local experience, he can help guide you through your home upgrade. Give him a call today to get started!

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