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The first truly sandy stretch of beach in Malibu...

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La Costa is for Lovers - Lovers of privacy that is.

There are no public access points along La Costa Beach which keeps it nice and quiet, just the way the locals like it. La Costa is another dry sandy beach located close to town and is just 30 minutes to Santa Monica and the Westside (traffic permitting). There is also a really cool La Costa Beach and Tennis Club but don’t be fooled that’s for the residents who live on the “landside’ across the street and not on the beach. But who needs a beach club when you have everything you need right in the privacy of your own home. Famous owners on this beach have included David Spade, Rick Carruso, and Todd Phillips.

Things to Do Near La Costa Beach

While the beach itself offers tranquility and a host of activities, its surroundings are rich with dining and cultural experiences.

  • Authentic Dining: After a day soaking up the sun at La Costa Beach, you can indulge in a variety of culinary delights. For a taste of Mexican cuisine, El Cholo Mexican on 1025 Wilshire Blvd is a popular choice, known for its authentic dishes and vibrant atmosphere. Alternatively, La Paz Restaurant located at 4505 Las Virgenes Rd Ste 101 offers a range of traditional Mexican dishes in a cozy setting.

  • Cafe Culture: For a more relaxed meal, the Marmalade Cafe - Malibu at 3894 Cross Creek Rd stands as a go-to restaurant. It’s a perfect spot for a leisurely brunch or a hearty lunch, offering a diverse menu that caters to all tastes.

  • Beach Club Privileges: For residents, the La Costa Beach Club is a focal point of social life. The club enhances the beachfront living experience, providing a private setting for members to socialize, dine, and enjoy various recreational activities, all while surrounded by breathtaking ocean views.

Historical Facts About La Costa Beach

  • Origins and Development: La Costa Beach holds the distinction of being Malibu’s first neighborhood. This exclusive hillside and beachfront area was initially held by May Rindge and was sold in 1926 to developer Harold Ferguson. Ferguson had grand visions for La Costa and was instrumental in naming several streets, including Las Flores Canyon Road, Rambla Pacifico, and Rambla Vista. However, despite his efforts, Ferguson couldn't fully realize his dreams for the area. The property eventually returned to Rindge’s company, Marblehead Land Co., which faced bankruptcy during the Depression era.

  • Celebrity Attraction: Despite the early developmental setbacks, the charm of beach living close to the city drew in numerous celebrities over the years. The area’s secluded nature, coupled with stunning homes and spectacular views, continues to attract high-profile individuals, contributing to the neighborhood’s exclusive reputation.

  • Privacy and Exclusivity: One of La Costa Beach's standout features is its privacy. With limited public access, it’s one of Malibu’s least-visited beaches, drawing individuals who value seclusion along with impressive architecture. Residents often enjoy membership in the prestigious La Costa Beach Club, adding to the area's exclusivity.


Historical Legacy and Development

La Costa Beach, recognized as Malibu's first neighborhood, has a rich history dating back to its initial development in 1926. The land, once held by May Rindge, was sold to Harold Ferguson, a developer with ambitious plans. Although Ferguson's grand designs were not fully realized, as financial constraints during the Depression era led to the repossession of the property, the allure of this beachside locale continued to grow. Over time, it has drawn numerous celebrities, thanks to its privacy and stunning ocean views.


Architectural Diversity and Real Estate Insights

The architectural landscape of La Costa Beach is marked by a blend of Mission Revival style, beach bungalows, modern designs, and Spanish-influenced homes. This variety showcases the evolution of the neighborhood from its early development to the present. Real estate in La Costa Beach varies significantly, with properties on the beach generally being more affordable compared to neighboring areas like Carbon Beach. Homes in this area are known for their ocean views, spacious lots, and access to the exclusive La Costa Beach Club. The real estate market reflects the diversity and desirability of the area, with homes ranging from the multi-million dollar estates to more modestly priced homes.

Community Lifestyle and Amenities

Living in La Costa Beach offers a blend of tranquility and access to Malibu's rich array of amenities. Residents enjoy a peaceful beachfront experience, complemented by the private La Costa Beach Club, which provides beach access and recreational facilities. The neighborhood is conveniently located near shopping destinations like Malibu Country Mart and Malibu Lumberyard, as well as dining options ranging from casual to upscale. In addition, the community is served by well-regarded educational institutions, making it a desirable location for families and individuals seeking a balanced, luxurious coastal lifestyle.


In conclusion, La Costa Beach isn't just a beach; it's a historical community that offers a blend of seclusion, history, and modern luxury. It remains one of Malibu's most exclusive enclaves, promising a serene lifestyle for those who call it home. Whether it's the rich history, the celebrity allure, the exclusive beach club, or the nearby dining options, La Costa Beach captivates all who visit and continues to charm those who reside there.

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