Malibu 27 Miles of Scenic Beauty

Famous for its amazing beaches and coast.

Welcome to Malibu Overview

Just saying the word “Malibu” probably brings on all sorts of images in your head, pictures of the beach and the Pacific Ocean, the amazing houses and estates along the bluffs overlooking the scene, and more. If that’s what you’re thinking about, it’s certainly no mistake, as that is exactly what Malibu is known for, and what it looks like. More than anything else, Malibu is famous for its amazing beaches and coast.

Beaches in Malibu

There is a huge range of beaches to choose from, with as mentioned, over 20 miles of coastline within the city. Included in the mix are places like LA Costa Beach, Carbon Beach, Malibu Colony, Malibu Road, Surfrider Beach, Escondido Beach, Paradise Cove, Pirate’s Cove, Westward Beach, Zuma Beach, Point Dume, Big Dume, Encinal Bluffs, Nicholas Canyon Beach, and many others. Beaches in Malibu are all public unless otherwise designated as such.

Shopping and Dining in Malibu

There is certainly no shortage of shopping and dining destinations in and around Malibu. For a mix of both, one of the most popular locales is the Malibu Country Mart, with several dozen different retailers, as well as eateries, and more. In this one location, you’ll find everything from high-end, luxurious boutiques, to larger chain stores and popular brands, local food vendors, and on down the line. Another well-known, but smaller, the destination is the Malibu Colony Plaza, where a who’s who of celebrities and well-to-dos get their shopping done.”

Malibu Real Estate

If you believe Malibu Real Estate is only for the rich and famous you’re mistaking, it consists of a great variation of home values and has all types of areas to live in such as beachfront properties, kid-friendly neighborhoods, on the hills, or quieter and more secluded spots. And it also has a vast amount of condominiums and apartments if that’s what you’re in the market for.

Malibu West Properties List

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